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ive been tagged. [23 Oct 2005|05:11pm]
Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn.

1. I havent updated this thing since summer.
2. I miss livejournal alot, myspace is getting boring.
3. I don't know If im gonna do cheer next year for football..im having second thoughts.
4. I love Morrow Road. its scary as shit. and something haunted you can get for free.
5. I love cheering at the gym I'm at..its pretty sweet.
6. I miss hanging out with Julie..the last 3 weeks of summer were the shit.
7. I've been hanging out with Alyssa alot lately. :)
8. I miss M-Dawg horrrrribly bad.
9. I hate school.
10. I dont feel 15.
11. I can't wait to drive.
12. Im really hungry.
13. I wonder why I dont talk to people that like I used to talked to so much just a couple of months ago.
14. I can't wait for summer. :)
15. I miss Kelly, and I remember when me and her were like bfffffff.
16. Clay is my new bff *fav. ;)
17. I like my boyfriend. lol
18. Jordans my new bfffffff.
19. My old cheer coach told me and alyssa she wants to crash a wedding with us.
20. x3 uh lis uh: god your so stupid I LOVE MY WIFE.

i tag fucking no one. lol
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hmm.... [17 Aug 2005|01:34pm]
First off, look at my entry down, :) very important..well for the girls. lol

now for the schedule.

1st ---- adv. algebra *** Ball
2nd ---- American Lit *** Woonton
3rd ---- CP Biology ***** Cesarz
4th ---- Government ***** Korolowicz
5th ---- Health ********* Lieckfelt
6th ---- Spanish 2 ****** Moore

comment if we have classes.
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